The Division of Dumaguete City was established as a separate Division from the Division of Negros Oriental in 1975 with 12 public elementary schools and two public secondary schools under its direct administration and supervision.

Dr. Guillermo Marigomen served as the first Schools Division Superintendent.


DM No. 323, s. 2022 Acceptance Of Applications For Related Teaching Positions 2022-10-03
DM No. 289, s. 2022 Ranking For Teacher II & III And Master Teacher I & II 2022-08-24
DM No. 287, s. 2022 Call For Ranking For Related Teaching And Non-Teaching Positions 2022-08-22
DM No. 030, s. 2022 Acceptance Of Applications For K to 12 Teacher 1 Applicants For School Year 2022-2023 2022-01-25
DM No. 244, s. 2021 Invitation To Submit Applications For Selected Positions 2021-09-14
DM No. 146, 2021 Acceptance Of Application for Project Development Officer II (PDO II) For DRRM In This Division 2021-06-25
DM No. 120, s. 2021 Call For Competitive Ranking To The Various Vacant Positions In This Division 2021-06-25
DM No. 089, s. 2021 Ranking For Promotion To Teacher 2(T2) Position In Senior High School 2021-06-25
DM No. 005, s. 2021 Acceptance of Applications for K to 12 Teacher 1 Applicants for School Year 2021-2022 2021-01-14
DM No. 277, s. 2020 Ranking of Applicants / Candidates for Non-Teaching Positions 2020-12-03
2022/08/04 Invitation To Bid For Purchase Of ICT Equipment 2022-08-04
2022/08/04 Invitation To Bid For Purchase Of Bond Papers 2022-08-04
2022/08/04 Invitation To Bid For Purchase Of Tablets 2022-08-04
2022/08/04 Invitation To Bid For Improvement Of One (1) Classroom To Be Converted Into TechVoc Laboratory (7m x 9m) In TNHS & Improvement Of H.E. Building To Be Converted Into TVL Building (7m x 8m) In CNHS 2022-08-04
2022/08/04 Invitation To Bid For Fabrication And Installation Of Steel Roofing For Covered Court (9m x 16m) At Cadawinonan ES (Phase I) & Improvement Of 1-Classroom To Be Converted Into TechVoc Building At DCNHS 2022-08-04
2022/08/04 Invitation To Bid For Completion Of Two (2)-Storey Four (4) Classroom School Building At JNHS & Improvement Of H.E. Building And TVL Building (7.5 x 12m) At JNHS 2022-08-04
2022/03/16 Invitation To Bid For School Based Feeding Program Project No. 2022-003 2022-03-16


DM No. 041a, s. 2023 Sangguniang Panlungsod Committee Meeting 2023-02-07
DM No. 044, s. 2023 Career Roadshow 2023 Coordination Meeting 2023-02-07
DM No. 043, s. 2023 Reclassification Of Teacher II And Teacher III 2023-02-07
DM No. 042, s. 2023 Survey On The Revision Of School Redistricting Policy 2023-02-07
DM No. 041, s. 2023 Division In-Service Training For Teachers (INSET) 2023 2023-02-03
DM No. 040, s. 2023 15th Digital Expo 2023-02-03
DM No. 039, s. 2023 2023 Calendar Of Activities In Kindergarten And Special Education 2023-02-03
DM No. 038, s. 2023 Corrigendum To Division Memorandum No. 013, s. 2023(Division Training On Pedagogical Approaches In Handling Learners With Difficulties(LWDs) 2023-02-03
DM No. 037, s. 2023 Policy On Resignation Of Teaching , Related-Teaching And Non-Teaching Personnel 2023-02-03
DM No. 036, s. 2023 2023 National Arts Month Celebration 2023-02-03
2022/11/08 Trainer's Training On Investigatory Project (SIP) Phase 2 2022-11-08
2022/11/07 Observance/Conduct Of Flag Raising Ceremonies Every Monday Morning And Flag Lowering Ceremonies Every Friday Afternoon 2022-11-07
2022/11/04 2022 SPFL National Conference For Teachers (Korean) 2022-11-04
2022/10/25 CSC Technical Assistance For The PRIME-HRM 2022-10-25
2022/10/06 1504-UM-Composition Of The Evaluation Committee 2022-10-06
2022/10/06 Teachers Day Recognition In The Divison Office 2022-10-06
2022/09/15 Utilization Of The Enhanced RO7 Early Grades Mathematics Assessment Tool And Changes On Its Mode Of Administration And Submission Of Results 2022-10-06
2022/09/05 Orientation Of The Chada Talent Management System(CTMS) To Division Office Personnel 2022-09-05
2022/08/26 Regional Mancom Venue Preparation 2022-08-26
2022/08/11 Orientation On The Operation Of The Interactive Panel Boards 2022-08-11