Keeping Teachers Fit: Dgte’s way of celebrating WTD


As the world celebrated World Teachers Day last October 5, 2017, Dumaguete City Division led by Dr.Evangel M. Luminarias culminated the celebration in a most singular fashion- prioritizing its teachers’ health and wellness in body, mind and spirit.

The said event started at 5:30 a.m. with a Walkathon/Marathon. The Tierra Alta Entrance was marked as assembly area and starting point. The winding and inclined road towards Tierra Alta Resort’s Main Building challenged the participants of the said walkathon and their physical fitness were tried and tested.

Welcoming the teachers, were the Division Non-Teaching Personnel and School Heads who presented them with blue and pink balloons and individualized mugs. They were ushered in Tierra Alta Resort where fresh mountain air greeted them, were encouraged to join Zumba and soaked in the early morning sunshine.

During the program, the teachers were further treated exclusively as Dr. Neri C. Ojastro, ASDS, serenaded them with a song in his Welcome Address. In his song’s chorus, he inspired the teachers to “be proud you’re the special one. A teacher, hero of the land.” The song entitled “Teacher” was an original composition of Dr. Ojastro with its lyrics adapted from a poem from the internet. [to see entire lyrics,click here]

The main highlight of the celebration was the love offering for Marawi teachers. Dr. Luminarias stated in her message, “that this offering is a way of remembering teachers like us who celebrated Teachers Day in a war-torn city of Marawi.” All teachers in the respective schools in the Division expressed their empathy through their love offerings.

Capping the celebration was wellness for the mind, as volunteer teachers were able to conquer their fear of heights. They flew above the Tierra Alta’s vista by taking advantage of the resort’s Zip-Line headed by Cantil-e Elementary School Principal Mr. Sheldon Serion.

Dr. Luminarias, in her prior meeting with the school heads and non-teaching personnel emphasized, “…let us celebrate World Teachers’ Day by showing our love and concern to them (teachers) by keeping them healthy and fit.” 

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