The Division of Dumaguete City was established as a separate Division from the Division of Negros Oriental in 1975 with 12 public elementary schools and two public secondary schools under its direct administration and supervision.

Dr. Guillermo Marigomen served as the first Schools Division Superintendent.

DM No. 081, s 2018 Addendum to DM No. 69, s. 2018 (Ranking of Applicants/Candidates for Vacant Position 2018-02-14
DM No. 069, s. 2018 Ranking of Applicants/Candidates for Vacant Position 2018-02-14
DM No. 247, s. 2017 Ranking of Applicants/Candidates for Vacant Position 2017-07-24
DM No. 032, s. 2017 Schedule for the Selection Process of Applicants for Kindergarten, Grades 1-10, Senior High School Teaching Positions for SY 2017-2018 2017-02-04
DM No. 038, s. 2017 Ranking of Applicants/Candidates for Vacant Position 2017-02-02
2018/04/11 Electrical Systems Upgrade 2018-04-11
2018/04/11 Repair and Restoration of Gabaldon Building used as Industrial Shop, 7mx16m 2018-04-11
DM No. 195, s. 2018 Dissemination of DM-OUFDA-2018-0006 Announcement of the Nationwide Launch of the GSIS Financial Assistance Loan Program (GFAL) 2018-05-11
DM No. 197, s. 2018 Administration of the 2018 Special Philippine Educational Placement Test 2018-05-11
DM No. 196, s. 2018 Establishment of the 2018 DepEd Election Task Force Operation and Monitoring Center, Regional and Schools Division Offices in Connection with the May 14, 2018 Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Election 2018-05-10
DM No. 194, s. 2018 Call for List of Learners with ICT-Related Achievements and Endeavors 2018-05-09
DM No. 193, s. 2018 Conduct of the 2018 DRRM Contingency Planning 2018-05-08
DM No. 192, s. 2018 Boy Scouts of the Philippines - Negros Oriental and Siquijor Council 2018 Local Raffle Draw Postponement 2018-05-08
DM No. 191, s. 2018 Reiteration of the Policy on Government Office Hours; and the Administrative Offenses of Frequent Unauthorized Absences (Habitual Absenteeism); Tardiness in Reporting for Duty and Loafing from Duty During Regular Office Hours 2018-05-07
2018/04/30 Performance Evaluation of Elementary & Secondary School Heads 2018-04-30
2018/03/13 Briefing of CSC Supervising Examiners 2018-03-14
Resetting of the Post Evaluation Conference of the 2018 CVIRAA Participation 2018-03-09
2018/03/08 Career Service Examination Briefing of Room Examiners 2018-03-09
2018/03/08 Preparations for the Ranking and Selection Process of K to Grade 12 Teaching Positions 2018-03-08
2018/03/07 Designation of the School's Officer-In-Charge 2018-03-07
2018/02/09 Meeting of all School Utility Workers 2018-02-09
2018/01/25 Schedule of Rehearsals for Performers/Choir in Preparation for 2018 NSPC 2018-01-26